Why use Firebase?

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Firebase lifts the burden of the basic features every app uses and leaves you free to focus on the core of your app, on what makes it unique. It speeds up the whole development process with the reliable and lightweight solutions provided by Firebase modules so you can ship your products to the market faster and with less stress.

I use Firebase in my React Native apps and it helps my productivity. Simply add a snippet of code on your application and you can have access to Firebase. I’m not associated with Firebase, I’m an user and an enthusiast. If you need more information about any feature you can find Firebase documentation here.

Easy authentication

Support sign-up methods like e-mail, Google, Facebook and more. Want to let your users explore before asking them to sign-up? Firebase can help with that. It also handles account recovery and linking and you can customize it to have the look of your app. It’s open source, so you can modify it to give the experience you want.

Price and scalability

You can use the plan Spark, which includes various tools plus generous limits for hosting, realtime database and storage. This means analytics, app indexing, authentication, cloud messaging, crash reporting, dynamic links, invites, notifications and remote config are available since the free plan. If you need more fuel, you can upgrade to get more. Flame offers more power with a fixed month price, while Blaze has a ‘pay as you go’ format. Start for free, scale as you need. Test Lab and Google Cloud Platform are only available on Blaze plan. Check Firebase pricing here, there’s a calculator for Blaze plan.

Have been using Firebase on your projects? Let me know how was your experience with it, what you liked about it and what you think can be improved. You can write in the comments what you think and any questions you may have.

This is just an introductory post. There’s more to Firebase and I’ll talk about it in future posts.


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