Core JavaScript series

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This is the introductory post of the Core JavaScript Review series. In it I’ll share with you some concepts I’ve been studying on core JavaScript. I’ve been using JavaScript: The Good Parts to guide my studies as this is book is recognized by many developers as an essential read for JavaScript programmers for its great quality. I’m using the browser developer tools to practice the concepts and have a better grasp on the execution flow. I’m also using Eloquent JavaScript for exercises. You can read it online here.

I used the method described on the book Soft Skills by John Sonmez to learn quickly and in a way that I wouldn’t forget it soon. This book is really great, I’ve read it many times and use it as reference when I need some advice on how to deal with a specific situation in my career. This series of posts is actually a part of this method, which consists of teaching.

I’ll organize what I learned here and share it with you to help you and I understand these concepts better and also fill in any gaps in my knowledge. When you teach something you have to reorganize that content in your brain to be able to explain it. It’s the time when you can find out if you really understood what you learned. All the ideas are scattered on your brain when you are learning and then you have to structure it in an order that makes sense to the reader/listener and put it into your own words. It’s definitely not easy but you only grow when you’re challenged. Will you embark on this journey with me? Let’s go!


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